22 May 20:10 [UTC +9] ~18:00 next day

BUTOH Sunakku—Aftershow

About THREE  with
Naoto Iina x Takao Kawaguchi x
Mikiko Kawamura x Dai Matsuoka

Aftershow talks with the artists are streamed live in Japanese on the same day their performance goes online. Artists are invited to talk about the concepts behind their work, their creation process, and their relationship with Butoh. Some of these talks, labelled “Kazuko Night”, will be hosted by artistic director Takao Kawaguchi playing the role of a Japanese snack bar “mama”.
*Please do not attend these recordings in person.

Live talks from our “BUTOH Sunakku” in Ueno/Ikenohata.

Talk Guests

naoto iina

Videographer, director, dramaturg, visual scenographer and producer. Iina is the founder of Dance and Media Japan and International Dance Film Festival. He is also an Associate professor at Tokyo Zokei University and lecturer at Za Koenji Theatre Academy. Recently he has been working on cross-genre works with video, dance and text. He is in charge of direction, composition, filming and editing of the online Butoh program "Re-Butoooh" (NPO Dance Archive Network).

Takao Kawaguchi

Joined the performance group Dumb Type in 1996. Began a solo career in 2000, exploring the boundaries of performance across theatre, dance, video and art. In 2008 he began a solo performance series called a perfect life, which was presented at the 5th Yebisu International Festival for Art and Alternative Visions in 2013. In recent years, he has been working on performances that are related to Butoh, including The Sick Dancer (with Tomomi Tanabe, 2012) and About Kazuo Ohno (2013). The latter was nominated for an NYC Bessie Award, and was shown at Théâtre de la Ville in Paris in 2018.

©Etsuko Suzuki

Mikiko Kawamura

Born 1990. Began dancing at the age of 16, and creating her own works in 2011. Having won numerous awards, she has caught peoples' interest as an up and coming Japanese dancer. She has performed both in Japan and abroad, and did a 6 month residency in 2016 that took her across Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Marseille and Le Havre while based at the Centre National de la Danse and CCNR. She performs not only in theatres, but also at outdoor and live events, is involved in video and music production, and makes accessories. She moved to Minamiboso in 2019.

Photo by Maiko Miyagawa

Dai Matsuoka

Dai Matsuoka has been performing with Sankai Juku since 2005, and has appeared in some of their major works including Kinkan Shonen, Tobari, Unetsu and ARC. Director of LAND FES since 2011, a festival that invites the audience to watch music and dance performances as they walk around the city. He has been an instructor for the Scramble Dance Project in Odawara since 2018, in which both people with and without disabilities create dances together. He also runs BUTOH CHOREO LAB, an online platform with video lessons by high-profile Butoh dancers.


Photo by Katsuhiro Ichikawa

Tamaki Harada

Writer, editor and baker. She established Cawaii Factory with Mari Nakayama in 1998, as writing partners of art and design. She writes, plans and edits for magazines, books, and other publications. In 2009 she founded the publishing label "True Ring". Her unique planning and editing style is reflected in her art and design books. The latest publication is satoshi hirose (2020). She is also the chief baker at Cawaii Bread & Coffee, in Hatchobori, Tokyo, and is often up baking her artisan breads at 5 in the morning.

22 May 19:30 [UTC +9]~15 August
Naoto Iina + Takao Kawaguchi +
Mikiko Kawamura + Dai Matsuoka