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BUTOH Sunakku—Aftershow

About OWAN with
Tomomi Tanabe x Takao Kawaguchi


photo by Tatsuhiko Nakagawa


photo by Tatsuhiko Nakagawa


photo by Tatsuhiko Nakagawa

Aftershow talks with the artists are streamed live in Japanese on the same day their performance goes online. Artists are invited to talk about the concepts behind their work, their creation process, and their relationship with Butoh. Some of these talks, labelled “Kazuko Night”, will be hosted by artistic director Takao Kawaguchi playing the role of a Japanese snack bar “mama”.
*Please do not attend these recordings in person.

Live talks from our “BUTOH Sunakku” in Ueno/Ikenohata.

Artistic director Takao Kawaguchi plays the role of a Japanese snack bar “mama”


Tomomi Tanabe

Butoh dancer, born in Tokyo. Started dancing while at university, and joined Tatsumi Hijikata’s practice. Studied under Kunishi Kamiryo and Masahide Omori, and performed in works by Dance Hakushu and Masaki Iwana. Began her solo series Goldfish Bowl in 1997. Appeared in The Sick Dancer, a performance based on Tatsumi Hijikata’s text Yameru Maihime in 2012. She has been collaborating on Karada no Chikaku since 2016.

Guest speaker

Photo by Ryudai Takano

Koichi Imaizumi

Film director and actor. He has been working on Tokyo Grand Guignol as an actor and production staff since 1985. In 1990, he made his film debut in the pink film Naked City directed by Hisayasu Sato, and has since appeared in over 100 V-Cinema, adult videos, gay porn and independent films, mostly focussed on pink films. In 1999, he directed his first short film Angel in the Toilet, which was produced independently. In 2016, he produced a film recording of Takao Kawaguchi’s TOUCH OF THE OTHER. This was later premiered at the Porn Film Festival Berlin. In 2017, he directed and produced Berlin Drifters, which premiered at the Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival in September of the same year.


Takao Kawaguchi

Joined the performance group Dumb Type in 1996. Began a solo career in 2000, exploring the boundaries of performance across theatre, dance, video and art. In 2008 he began a solo performance series called a perfect life, which was presented at the 5th Yebisu International Festival for Art and Alternative Visions in 2013. In recent years, he has been working on performances that are related to Butoh, including The Sick Dancer (with Tomomi Tanabe, 2012) and About Kazuo Ohno (2013). The latter was nominated for an NYC Bessie Award, and was shown at Théâtre de la Ville in Paris in 2018.

19 June 19:30 [UTC +9]~15 August
Tomomi TanabeOWAN